To our valued customers,
With Covid-19 and its ongoing effects on the North American labor market, shipping from overseas vendors on import orders continue to experience significant delays and price increases. We continue to see a lack of container availability with vessels sitting at port loaded and containers sitting in rail yards due to a shortage of chassis. Because of this, we foresee the receiving of our good possibly affected and there could be a delay in our shipping. As of now we are hoping to still receive our shipments on time but the current situation is constantly changing and is out of our control.
While the cost of shipping has significantly increased over the past couple of months (it has more then tripled) we have decided to not pass this cost to any pre-orders already placed. We believe this is the right approach and will be mutually beneficial for the long term business relationships we share. However we do foresee a slight increase in the prices of some of our products because of this new huge cost and that will take affect on all orders and re-orders placed from June 14th onward. If you have not placed your Christmas pre-orders it would be beneficial for you to do so before the 14th.
Our goal is complete transparency and communication regarding the cost and delivery of your goods and we will continue to reach out with further developments as they unfold.

We have had a number of inquires asking if our warehouse is still hosting our Christmas set up for pre-orders. For those who are interested in seeing our 2021 line of Fall and Christmas in person our booth setup is still available for appointments. If you would like to visit and pre-order you can give us a call at 1-800-567-4901 or email us at and we can set that up. For social distancing purposes we do need you to pre-book your appointment to visit this part of the warehouse. If you only plan to visit our cash and carry, it is open with no appointments neccessary Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.

If you are not able to visit us or prefer to order online you can still pre-order through our website where you can also link to our virtual 360 showroom. 

Thank you so much for your contiued support.

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